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घुमना ghumnā verb face  [rotate]
घुमना ghumnā verb kick  [move]
घुमना ghumnā verb spin  [move]
घुमना ghumnā verb spin  [turn]
घुमना ghumnā verb spin
घुमना ghumnā verb turn
घुमना ghumnā verb turn  [spin]
घुमना ghumnā verb sweep  [pass over]
घुमना ghumnā verb circle
घुमना ghumnā verb float about  [move]
घुमना ghumnā verb float around  [move]
घूमना ghūmnā verb lash
घूमना ghūmnā verb roam  [rove]
घूमना ghūmnā verb rove  [wander]
घूमना ghūmnā verb turn
घूमना ghūmnā verb turn
घूमना ghūmnā verb whirl
घूमना ghūmnā verb troll
घूमना ghūmnā verb swill
घूमना ghūmnā verb gyrate
घूमना ghūmnā verb travel
घूमना ghūmnā verb wander  [rove]
घूमना ghūmnā verb swivel
घूमना ghūmnā verb meander
घूमना ghūmnā verb revolve  [rotate]
घूमना ghūmnā noun m. whirling
घूमना ghūmnā verb circulate
घूमना ghūmnā verb mess about  [wander]
घूमना ghūmnā verb swan about  [go around]
घूमना ghūmnā verb turn round  [move back]
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