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जाम jām noun m. jam  [hindrance]
जाम jām noun m. snarl
जाम jām noun m. goblet
जाम jām noun m. snarl up
जमा jamā verb submit  [present]
जमा jamā noun f. deposit  [advance money]
जमा jamā adj. accrued
जमा jamā adj. accumulated
जमाव jamāv noun m. repair  [crowd]
जमाव jamāv noun m. assemblage  [gathering of people]
जमाव jamāv noun m. collection
जमाव jamāv noun m. assemblage
जमाव jamāv noun m. aggregation
जमाव jamāv noun m. accumulation
जमाव jamāv noun m. concentration  [gathering]
जमाव jamāv noun m. concentration
जमात jamāt noun f. circle  [religion]
जमना jamnā verb gel
जमना jamnā verb bind
जमना jamnā verb freeze  [event]
जमना jamnā verb go down  [agree with]
जमना jamnā verb solidify
जमना jamnā verb settle in  [occur]
जमना jamnā verb settle down  [fit]
झामक jhāmak noun m. pumice
झामक jhāmak noun m. pumice stone
जमघट jamghaṭ noun m. pile  [assemblage]
जमघट jamghaṭ noun m. rout
जमघट jamghaṭ noun m. crush  [crowd]
जमघट jamghaṭ noun f. assembly  [group of people]
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