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दिखना dikhnā verb act  [be]
दिखना dikhnā verb look  [appearance]
दिखना dikhnā verb look
दिखना dikhnā verb hear of  [look]
दिखना dikhnā verb reproduce  [seem]
दिख्ना dikhnā verb see
डिख्ना ḍikhnā verb hold
कर डिख्ना kar ḍikhnā verb happen
नहीं दिखना nahīṃ dikhnā verb see nothing of  [occur]
जवान दिखना javān dikhnā verb wear  [look young]
गंदा दिखना gaṃdā dikhnā verb look like something the cat brought in  [look dirty]
उल्टा दिखना ulṭā dikhnā verb reverse  [reflect]
सुंदर दिखना suṃdar dikhnā verb come out  [look attractive]
अलग से दिखना alag se dikhnā verb stand out  [see]
दुबारा दिखना dubārā dikhnā verb reappear
दुबारा दिखना dubārā dikhnā verb re-emerge
लहरदार दिखना lahardār dikhnā verb undulate  [occur]
वैसे ही दिखना vaise dikhnā verb look the part  [occur]
बहुत कम दिखना bahut kam dikhnā verb see little of  [occur]
रास्ता दिख्ना rāstā dikhnā verb light
के उपर से दिखना ke upar se dikhnā verb overlook  [be visible]
छैल-छबीला दिखना chail-chabīlā dikhnā verb cut a dash
अच्छा नहीं दिखना acchā nahīṃ dikhnā verb not look good  [feel]
उम्र की तरह दिखना umra tarha dikhnā verb look (one's) age
सबसे अधिक आकर्षक दिखना sabse adhik ākarṣak dikhnā verb look its best  [look most attractive]
सबसे अधिक आकर्षक दिखना sabse adhik ākarṣak dikhnā verb look (one's) best  [look most attractive]
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