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सौंपना sauṃpanā verb give
सौंपना sauṃpanā verb hand
सौंपना sauṃpanā verb hand  [event]
सौंपना sauṃpanā verb sign
सौंपना sauṃpanā verb remit
सौंपना sauṃpanā verb charge
सौंपना sauṃpanā verb charge
सौंपना sauṃpanā verb commend
सौंपना sauṃpanā verb confide  [entrust]
सौंपना sauṃpanā verb deliver  [transfer]
सौंपना sauṃpanā verb entrust
सौंपना sauṃpanā verb mandate
सौंपना sauṃpanā verb hive off  [transfer]
सौंपना sauṃpanā verb hand over  [event]
सौंपना sauṃpanā verb hand over  [give]
सौंपना sauṃpanā verb hand over to  [give]
सौंपना sauṃpanā verb turn (something) over to (somebody)  [deliver]
सौम्पना saumpanā verb give
भार सौंपना bhār sauṃpanā verb task
ठेका सौंपना ṭhekā sauṃpanā verb contract (something) out  [assign]
कार्य भार सौंपना kārya bhār sauṃpanā verb charge (somebody) with  [give responsibility]
जिम्मेदारी सौंपना jimmedārī sauṃpanā verb charge
जीम्मेदारी सौंपना jīmmedārī sauṃpanā verb charge  [event]
उत्तरदायित्व सौंपना uttardāyitva sauṃpanā verb charge with  [give responsibility]
उत्तर्दायित्व सौंपना uttardāyitva sauṃpanā verb charge
पालन पोषण का जिम्मा सौंपना pālan poṣaṇ jimmā sauṃpanā verb farm out  [give up]
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