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पुर्णतया purṇatyā adv. largely  [completely]
पूर्नतया pūrnatyā adv. with a vengeance  [phrase]
पूर्णतया pūrṇatyā adv. dead  [completely]
पूर्णतया pūrṇatyā adv. dead  [manner]
पूर्णतया pūrṇatyā adv. some
पूर्णतया pūrṇatyā adv. quite  [how]
पूर्णतया pūrṇatyā adv. quite  [manner]
पूर्णतया pūrṇatyā adv. whole
पूर्णतया pūrṇatyā adj. absolute
पूर्णतया pūrṇatyā adv. outright
पूर्णतया pūrṇatyā adv. absolutely  [how]
पूर्णतया pūrṇatyā adv. altogether  [completely]
पूर्णतया pūrṇatyā adv. every inch  [entirely]
पूर्णतया pūrṇatyā adv. profoundly
पूर्णतया pūrṇatyā adv. relatively  [quite]
पूर्णतया pūrṇatyā adv. throughout  [completely]
पूर्णतया pūrṇatyā adv. from A to Z  [completely]
पूर्णतया pūrṇatyā adv. to the hilt  [completely]
पूर्णतया pūrṇatyā adv. diametrically
पूर्णतया pūrṇatyā adv. to perfection  [perfectly]
पूर्णतया pūrṇatyā adv. up to the hilt  [completely]
पूर्णतया ठीक pūrṇatyā ṭhīk adj. spot on  [exactly right]
पूर्णतया उचित pūrṇatyā ucit adj. worth every penny  [state]
पूर्णतया भरना pūrṇatyā bharnā verb reach saturation point  [occur]
पूर्णतया स्वच्छ pūrṇatyā svacch adj. crystal clear  [entirely clear and bright]
पूर्णतया समाप्त pūrṇatyā samāpt adj. over and done with  [completely finished]
पूर्णतया विनष्ट pūrṇatyā vinaṣṭ adj. wiped out
पूर्णतया विनष्ट pūrṇatyā vinaṣṭ adj. annihilated
पूर्णतया विनष्ट pūrṇatyā vinaṣṭ adj. exterminated
पूर्णतया पराजित pūrṇatyā parājit adj. overpowered
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