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रुकना ruknā verb hold
रुकना ruknā verb hold  [stop]
रुकना ruknā verb pass  [stop]
रुकना ruknā verb stay
रुकना ruknā verb pause  [dewell]
रुकना ruknā verb poise
रुकना ruknā verb draw up  [stop]
रुकना ruknā verb hold on  [wait]
रुकना ruknā verb break off  [stop speaking]
रुकना ruknā verb hang back  [stay]
रुकना ruknā verb fall apart  [stop]
रुकना ruknā verb stay behind  [remain]
रुकना ruknā verb stop off at  [stop]
रुकना ruknā verb stop off in  [stop]
रुकना ruknā verb wait behind  [stay]
रुकना ruknā verb stop over at  [stay]
रूकना rūknā verb halt  [stop]
रूकना rūknā verb stop  [event]
रूकना rūknā verb break
रूकना rūknā verb pause
रूकना rūknā verb pause  [action]
रूकना rūknā verb hold on  [wait]
रूकना rūknā verb pull up  [stop]
रूकना rūknā verb lay over  [stop over]
रूकना rūknā verb come to rest  [stop moving]
आकर रुकना ākar ruknā verb pull in  [stop]
सांस रूकना sāṃs rūknā verb choke  [become breathless]
एकदम रूकना ekdam rūknā verb come to a standstill  [occur]
एकदम रूकना ekdam rūknā verb grind to a standstill  [occur]
पूर्ण रूकना pūrṇ rūknā verb come to a full stop  [stop]
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