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तक tak by
तक tak by  [upto]
तक tak adv. that  [degree]
तक tak till  [until]
तक tak unto  [to]
तक tak unto  [until]
तक tak as of  [till]
तक tak until
तक tak around  [up to]
तक tak pending
तक tak as far as  [untill]
तक tak as far as  [up to]
तक tak so far as  [up to]
तक tak up to (something)  [till]
तक tak up until (something)  [until]
टक ṭak noun m. tuck  [medical operation]
ताक tāk noun m. ledge
ताक tāk noun m. shelf
ताक tāk noun m. ambush  [action]
थका thakā adj. worn
थका thakā adj. drawn
थका thakā adj. tired
थका thakā adj. raddled
थका thakā adj. careworn
थका thakā adj. played out
थका thakā adj. washed-out
टक्स ṭaks noun m. tux  [dress]
ताकि tāki adv. so  [purpose]
ताकि tāki so as to  [phrase]
ताकि tāki in order that  [so that]
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